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Freret Neighborhood Center

The Freret Neighborhood Center was opened in 2007 to revitalize the neighborhood and organize community capacity. Our center serves as a space for the community to gather and for the fostering of leadership development in the Freret and Milan neighborhoods.

We are a center led by residents

Everything that the Freret Neighborhood Center does is informed, designed, and implemented by residents. Each of our programs has  a base of leaders who guide the program,  volunteers who help to execute program activities and  many more residents who participate.

We train neighbors to develop leadership and decision-making skills and carry out essential community organizing tasks: door-to-door, phone outreach and flyers.


We have a comprehensive approach to neighborhood development.

We believe that the interconnectedness of factors contributing to neighborhood distress is too-often neglected within the community development field, where the tendency is often to segregate issues into separate areas.


We have a strategic planning process

We record community needs and expectations through our Resident Satisfaction Surveys.

We see evaluation as a continuing process and a crucial guideline for action.


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Freret Neighborhood Center
4605 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 373-6403
People Talk...
“Every city in the US should be blessed with an organization like NHS. During the filming of the documentary series Architecture School on the Sundance Channel, I worked alongside of Lauren Anderson and Neighborhood Housing Services for about a year…[Their] personal commitment to New Orleans housing crisis is unyielding and inspirational..”

- Michael Selditch, Co-Creator, Architecture School, The Sundance Channel
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