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NHS's Community Building Initiative (CBI) creates opportunities! Opportunities to strengthen resident and community assets, to enrich lives, and to improve neighborhoods. We work to create equitable communities through education, collaboration, leadership development, and restorative justice modeling that helps people take control of their destiny. NHS Community Building staff integrate community building and organizing work into traditional NHS homeownership, construction management, and real estate development services, guided by a belief system that stresses an "asset-based" focus. We offer welcoming physical spaces where neighbors can connect and inclusive approaches to building communities.

"Good neighbors build healthy communities, and NHS helps connect my business and our community with the resources we need. I am proud and honored to have worked with NHS and its staff over the past 4 years, and know first hand that NHS not only opens doors, but also helps us build a healthier place to live."

- Andrew Brott, Freret Street Artist and Business Owner





People Talk...
“Every city in the US should be blessed with an organization like NHS. During the filming of the documentary series Architecture School on the Sundance Channel, I worked alongside of Lauren Anderson and Neighborhood Housing Services for about a year…[Their] personal commitment to New Orleans housing crisis is unyielding and inspirational..”

- Michael Selditch, Co-Creator, Architecture School, The Sundance Channel
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