Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans (NHS) was founded in 1976 by a group of banking industry leaders seeking to increase consumer understanding of the mortgage process. In 1978, the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, a congressionally chartered community development intermediary (now NeighborWorks America), chartered NHS as a member of its national network of community-based organizations seeking to revitalize inner-city neighborhoods. NHS has had many important successes, including providing quality homebuyer education, credit counseling, and housing construction services to thousands of local residents, and playing a central role in the revitalization of the now-thriving Freret Street corridor. 


40 Years later, Neighborhood Revitalization continues to be a long-term goal of NHS. Our 

programmatic and organizational development activities are informed by an ideal future vision 

for our target neighborhoods and our organization. The need for successful long-term results will 

guide planning and implementation in the short-term. NHS’s ideal future vision is presented 



Community Impact Goals


  • Housing and Homeownership: Neighborhood revitalization results in an improved housing 

stock and a reduction in blight in the target neighborhoods. There are increasing numbers of 

residents in quality affordable housing, and also an increase in the rate of homeownership. 

There is a reduction in foreclosures, and increasing numbers of people who are able, 

financially and otherwise, to maintain their homes. 


  • Quality of Life: Neighborhood revitalization is not only reflected in improved housing stock. 

Ideally, the neighborhood is safe and appealing. The neighborhood’s commercial corridor and 

public infrastructure contribute to the quality of life for residents, and to the overall 

attractiveness and desirability of the neighborhood. Based on the increased access to a wide 

range of services and resources, individuals and families thrive in areas such economic 

stability and prosperity, school success, and health and wellness. 


  • Leveraging Market Forces: Successful revitalization catalyzes an increase in private 

investment and creates an improved climate for traditional market forces to sustain these 

improvements without displacing residents, businesses, and other community-based 

organizations and institutions that have made a long-term commitment to the neighborhood.


  • Equity and Shared Responsibility: The benefits of neighborhood revitalization will be 

experienced by all residents, regardless of race and ethnicity, socio-economic status, or other 

aspects of demographic diversity. As a related matter, there is a sustained commitment to and 

active engagement in revitalization efforts on the part of all sectors of the community, i.e. 

residents, government, businesses, nonprofits, police, etc.

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